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Reliable Service

Thanks to an optimum infrastructure in which our many years of experience from customer service calls are bundled, we provide equally reliable service all over the world. Many of the methods are standardized and run identically with uniform methods, checklists, and diagnostic protocols. That means you can always count on qualified after-sales service to ensure systems are back in operation as quickly as possible.

Service Calls

We handle many service calls remotely using a remote maintenance function, in video conferences from the headquarters in Hagen or from one of our subsidiaries. That saves both time and money.


Through regular training courses and further qualification, we ensure that the staff at our international subsidiaries and representative offices are always up to date on the latest technology. We also organize user training sessions either on site or in video conferences.

Spare Parts

We are proud to be of service to our existing customers who rely on quality Vollmer America spare parts for their continued upkeep. Whether it is on an emergency basis or you need to restock the crib, our team is here to aid and support your spare part needs.

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