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VTLG Strip Thickness Gauge

VTLG Isometric View

Contact-free and Irrespective of the Alloy

The VTLG laser-optical thickness measuring systems combine the highest precision with a rolling mill-oriented design. With a measuring precision of up to ± 0.5 μm and a scanning rate of up to 80 kHz, they offer the precision and speed necessary for control of the strip thickness.

VTLG systems operate at strip temperatures of up to 180°C – even with dense rolling oil mist and despite of emulsion on the strip. They are therefore the only laser thickness gauges that can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the rolling gap, thus opening up completely new possibilities for our customers for the control of their processes.

As with our contact gauges, they measure the thickness irrespective of the alloy – ideal preconditions for use in the rolling mill, but also on the pickling line, in the finishing section, on the strip edge miller or in the steel service center.