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Measuring Technology for Thickness and Shape

Vollmer is the only manufacturer offering a full range of systems for strip thickness measurement:






We offer systems for roll measurement on the grinding machine and offline, as well as the measurement and control of thickness and shape throughout the whole cold rolling process.

Strip Shape

Strip Shape

The BFI Shapemeter Rolls are produced under the license from VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI) to measure strip tension distribution as the strip passes over the shapemeter roll.

VTLG Isometric View

Strip Thickness

Our VTLG measures the strip’s absolute thickness without being influenced by the material properties, but contact-free and from a safe distance.

Contact Thickness

Vollmer’s Contact Thickness Gauges that measure the strip with an accuracy of +/- 1 µm are renowned for their outstanding precision and exceptional reliability. Almost 2,000 systems have gone into operation worldwide in recent decades and are still in use today.

VBF 1018 Iso

VBF 1018

Contact thickness measurement for thin/foil metal strip.

VBK 512 Iso

VBK 512

Contact thickness measurement for narrow strip. Optional width measurement available.

VBM xx65

Contact thickness measurement for metal strip.

VBM 1063 ISO

VBM 1063

Contact thickness measurement for metal strip.

VBS 2094

Contact thickness measurement for thick/metal strip or plate.