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Company Profile


Vollmer America1963 Friedrich Vollmer launched his company in Hagen-Berchum to produce high precision gauges for cold rolling mills. This location near Hohenlimburg, the heart of the European cold rolling industry, proved to be well-chosen. Only a few years later nearly all mills in that area as well as in the nearby “Ruhrgebiet” were using Vollmer gauges type VBM 1063, of which several thousand are still operating worldwide today. In quick succession subsidiary companies were opened in most European neighbor countries, then in the US and in Japan.

20 years later Vollmer-Shanghai was launched, being the largest Asian Vollmer subsidiary. The Shanghai branch covers the promising Chinese market, run by a staff of Chinese service engineers and keeping in stock a large inventory of spare parts. A worldwide network of representatives and service facilities ensure that Vollmer customers receive professional technical support quickly.

3 men started in 1965, today a total of 180 people work for the company. The parent company in Hagen employs 90 people, the others work in the national and international branches. Additionally, there are 20 independent international representatives.

400 and more projects are annually processed through Berchum and installed on-site. Besides our contact gauges, which are used as sensors for automatic control of a large variety of industrial processes, we also produce non-contact gauges. This brochure gives a basic overview of the measurement and control technology which has been developed by Vollmer to-date.

Vollmer has a large selection of measurement systems besides those in this website. We have produced gauges to measure:

  • lateral strip curvature
  • burr height
  • profile size
  • notches in profiles
  • plated strip
  • lateral cross bow
  • strip edge curves (slitter lines)
  • thickness of fabric and paper
  • out of roundness amplitude of rotating rods and many others

Whatever you want to measure, our staff of continuous measurement experts will analyze your requirements and suggest the most cost-effective solution. Please contact your local Vollmer representative or call 860-824-5157.